Whether you are new in the roofing industry or have been dealing for years, it is very important to know the roofing terminology in order to understand the different statements and avoid the unnecessary confusion. You need not worry about these terms changing in different parts of the world. These terms are basic and can help you understand things, whether you are a roofing contractor or a building owner taking roofing services.


The Most Used/Common Terms Of Roofing Industry

The following words are the most common terms in roofing. Whether you are going through a blog, or a roofing contractor is explaining you the situation of your roof, knowing these terms will be very useful.



The roof’s edgethat you will see hanging to the side of the supporting wall is known as the eave. As the eave runs horizontally along the bottom of the roof, it protects the wall from water damage. The eaves are also used for decoration in residential roofs.



Shingles are a particular type of coverings for the roof. You will be able to notice this covering with the overlapping tiles on them. These tiles are rectangular in shape and are flat.



The dormer can be found protruding out as a window from the sloping roof.  The rooms in the attic which have a low ceiling will have a dormer usually. This gives the low ceiling a decent headspace and is helpful for ventilation and fills the room space with natural light.


Fire Rating

The rating of roof materials towards their resistance towards the roofing materials is termed as fire rating. Fire rating is classified as A, B, or C. A rated products are the most resistant towards fire.



The surface or the layer lying beneath the roof’s topmost surface is known as the deck. The most common materials used for constructing the deck are planks, ply or wood. The deck is one structure which is of great importance and also prone to damage from water.



Rafters are beams which can be seen from the inside of the house. These are usually seen extending diagonally from the point where the walls meet with the roof. The another professional term for rafters is members. Wood is the material used mostly for the rafters.


If you are getting your roof repaired by any roofing contractor these terminologies will be a great help to understand your contractor more easily. These terms will be more helpful if you choose to hand over your project to a professional roofer. To find the right roofer in Longmont, you can use the keyword flat roof repair Longmont Colorado. This will provide you with a list of all professional contractors situated near you. If you are not satisfied with results on the internet, you can freely contact Kool Kote Roofing company.

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