Flat roofs have various advantages, but you will also experience that the leaks are a regular issue with this kind of roofs. If you have a sloping roof, the water will drain down, and reduce the chances of leaks. We do not suggest that you should switch to sloping roofs. Sloping roofs do not give you the advantages which a flat roof has. It would be the best thing to know more about maintaining flat roofs.

For flat roof repair in Longmont Colorado,  you need to first understand where the leak is sourced from.

The old tradition was to make holes in the suspected area and then figure the leak. This can be a potential threat to your flat roof. More will be the holes, more will be the decrease in your roof’s life span. As the technology is enhancing, we have better ways to repair roofs without damaging it. One of the best ways to detect the source of the leak is to use infrared leak detection technology.

Flat Roof Repair In Longmont Colorado With The Help Of Infrared Leak Detection

If there is a leak in the roof, you mostly see it through the ceiling. You can find a patch of water on the ceiling which makes it relevant that the roof has a leak. You might think that putting a patch in that particular area will fix the leak, but it is not the solution.

If there is a leak and is visible on the ceiling, it is apparent that the water is soaked inside the deck. If you want your roof to be strong for a long time, it is important to remove the water from the complete area in the deck.

So, how can you find the effected area? There is a new technology which can detect the area where the water or moisture is present. This technology is known as the infrared leak detection. With this technology, you can find the exact area where water is present and you don’t have to dig any holes in the roof to find it.


This technology is very helpful for flat roof repairs in Flat Roof Repair Longmont Colorado. You can simply find the effected area and start working on it. the roof repair becomes an easy task with the infrared leak detection technology. You do not even have to worry about any accuracy-related troubles.

Flat Roof Repair In Longmont Colorado With Kool Kote Roofing

If you are looking for repairing your flat roof in Longmont and you think that the infrared leak detection technology is too expensive for you, you can always take help from Kool Kote Roofing. We have a team which has an experience of detecting the roof leaks with the naked eye. Since we have worked on many projects, no roof leak can be missed by us. You can reach us at (720) 375-4682. Our experienced team will be present there to take care of any kind of roof leak.




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