The Effects Of Seasons On Roofing System


The diverse seasons carry distinctive components with them and every one of them affect your rooftop. On the off chance that you need your rooftop to have a long life expectancy you should ensure that you accept appropriate strides to solution the harm done by different components. The most ideal approach to keep up your rooftop is to employ an expert business material organization. Before you call your business roofer, it is astute to review the rooftop all alone. This causes you to comprehend the state of your rooftop and you can without much of a stretch gauge the measure of cash you should put resources into the support of the rooftop. On the off chance that the repairs are very little, you can even fix them all alone. 

In this article, we will comprehend what all impacts the distinctive seasons have on your rooftop and what are the things you can improve the situation settling them. 

1. Rankles Due To Heat Exposure 

Dealing with rooftop amid the summers is normally disregarded by a large portion of the general population yet according to the past encounters of the many building proprietors, most rooftop issues are experienced amid the summers. The significant issue individuals involvement with their rooftops amid this time is the rankle development. The rankles have dampness in them and these can harm your rooftop. The rooftop begins swelling because of the rankles and it looses the shape. 

To settle this issue you can assess your rooftop and search for rankles. On the off chance that you see little zones with a swelling on the rooftop, you have found the rankles. to Fix them you have to dismember the rankle and let the dampness dry. After you feel the dampness has gone away, you can utilize rooftop repair fix to cover it. 

2. Twisting Of The Deck Due To Moisture After Rains 

On the off chance that there are any open creases or parts on your rooftop, you can anticipate that the water will leak in hold on the surface of the deck. On the off chance that the water remains for quite a while it might make the surface of the rooftop curve or swell. This makes basic harm the entire building. To evade this you should check whether there are any open creases, breaks or parts on the rooftop. On the off chance that the assessment is done before the blustery season is going to arrive, you will have leeway. These open creases and splits ought to be fixed well in time taking proficient offer assistance. 

roof-coating-boulder-co3. Blockage of Gutters In Autumn

The solid breezes in the fall bring dry leaves, clean and numerous different things with them which can hinder the channels. These channels are implied for expelling the water on the rooftop and if these are obstructed there may be lakes on the rooftop. The lakes are not thought to be useful for the rooftop. The blocked funnels can likewise make harm whatever is left of the building. You should take help of a business roofer to settle the blocked deplete funnels. 

Roof Inspection Boulder CO

In the event that you are not ready to review the rooftop all alone, you should contact a business material temporary worker who can carry out the activity for you. These business roofers are very much experienced to discover the issues your rooftop may confront and are likewise prepared to settle them. Kool Kote Roofing is the best business roofer in Boulder CO. To discover us on the web you can utilize the catchphrase Roof Inspection Boulder CO. You can even call us at 720-375-4682 to plan an opportunity to assess your rooftop.


Facts You Must Know Before opting For Rubber Roof Repairs

ROOF 002

Rubber roofing material is found at every hardware store. The reason is that your roof can have a leak at any point in time. The best things are that rubber roofing material is designed for both types of roofs either flat roofs and sloping roofs. And also, it is best for commercial or residential roofing. Normally, when the roof is being constructed, whether a flat or a sloping roof, there are hardly any joints when you install a rubber roofing product. These types of installations require less maintenance and very little repair work. But if unfortunately, any leaks develop then one might have to get some improvement to be done. If you are in need of Rubber Roof Repair Fort Collins, CO, call Kool Kote Roofing at 720-375-4682 today.


Rubber Roof is Easy to Repair and Need Less Maintenance:


Repairing rubber roofing is the simplest job and does not need any complicated measure like the other type of roofing shingles. Roofing shingles are used in commercial buildings, particularly for this purpose. The reason is the less maintenance. These roofing materials are available for both contractors and consumers. There is a large variety of these roofing materials available in the market these days. An interesting feature of rubber roofing material is:


  1. Rubber roofing materials are not only reserved to your roof but can be used for the protective layer on almost anything.


  1. It provides a protective layer to your storage building as well.


Why You Need Rubber Roofing Products:


Rubber roofing products are available almost everywhere whether it is a store or on the internet. The Internet has a wide variety of rubber roof repair material if you are too busy to buy it from a store. But when applying, you need professional help. If you are experienced and know how to do it you may do on your own and thus save on the labor costs. If the repairs are small then one may consider doing the repairs by themselves, but in the case of complex repairs, you may call an expert.


Every Roof Need Different Rubber Roofing Material:


Before you start venturing any kind of repairs be very sure of the type of roofing that you have. The products that are used on your roofs depend on the present roofing material. Apparently, the new and the old materials should be compatible with each other. Otherwise, they will look varied and will damage the entire look of the house. Nothing could be worse than getting stuck in the middle of it and not knowing what to do next.


Hence once you pick the right material for your roofs you will have the comfort of knowing that your house is well protected and the investment done is not going to be wasted. Call Kool Kote Roofing today at 720-375-4682 to get free roof estimates. Kool Kote Roofing is one of the most pioneer company in the United States which has been saving people from their roofing issues. If you are need of roofing estimates, you can schedule a meeting with one of our professionals

The Best In The Service Industry



The roof is an important part of a building. If the head is rotten, then the entire body is in trouble. By the same token, if there is a problem with the roof, the entire building structure is in serious jeopardy. The roof is exposed to various atmospheric dangers.

In order to be sure that things are in proper shape, the services of the experts are needed. Your roof needs the best of care from the experts. When we are talking of experts in this field, Rubber Roof Repair Fort Collins, CO is the clear leader. They are the embodiment of all that you require to keep your roof in top shape 24/7.


Every client demands quality service that will not be compromised under any guise. There should be integrity in business. When you have a service provider who has the twin combination of quality and integrity as its motto; then mark them out- they are out to give excellent service. That exactly is the mission statement of this service provider in deeds; not merely in words.


The roofing solutions provided by this family based roofing outfit are second to none in Colorado and its environs. The sun causes a major damage to roofs.  The roofing solution of this service provider is designed to reflect about 85% of the intensity of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Your roof is in good hands with Rubber Roof Repair Fort Collins, CO.

rubber roof


If your roof was constructed by other competitors in the notch, this service provider can come in useful with their roof coating expertise. At a price that is pocket friendly, you can have your roof coated. Their touch of expertise will prolong the life span of your roof. The coating method employed by this service provider is the best around for now.


Commercial activities differ from one outfit to the other. The commercial processes that go on under the roof will in one way or the other affect the lifespan of the building. If you want a commercial roof that will last the real test of time, then Rubber Roof Repair Fort Collins CO should be left to handle that.

Integrity matters a lot in business. This service provider has  been able to hold their heads high in the integrity index. If you are after that service provider that will give you real value for your money spent; one whose service will give you peace of mind; your sure bet is with this Colorado based soar away leader in the roofing notch.


No matter what you want or desire in anything technology of roofing; this service provider will serve you best. Consider the following possible needs:

  • Ponding water
  • Leaks
  • Storm damage
  • Accelerated wear-and-tear
  • And other costly troubles

Call on the professionals for any issue relating to any of the above. They will serve you to your satisfaction; if anything at all, their integrity is still intact. Place that call right now to this number for further inquiries:




The need for roof inspection


The roof is an exterior touch acting as a shield to a building, which, because of that is exposed to many exterior conditions and it is necessary to have a roof inspection! Most of the warranties by roofing companies include roof inspection as it is useful in keeping tracks on the condition of the roof. Other than to keep tracks, it is to perform prior counteraction method which means coming up with a solution for something ahead, as we already know that there is a chance for the undesirable situation will happen. Thus, this method can either prevent it from happening or reduce the impact of it from happening by setting up counterweights or reinforcing it. Apart from that, is too, to address a minor problem before it turns out bigger when you least expect it.

The service is provided by the Kool Kote Roofing which provides the service of roof inspection Fort Collins, CO. It is said that the inspection of the roof must be made twice a year! The first inspection is before the occasion of a bad season and the second is after it ends. It is advisory to perform the inspection of roofs after the occurring of natural phenomenon such as thunderstorms, tornados and especially earthquakes!

The importance of roof inspecting

As stated, roofs are compulsory to be inspected before harsh weather sets in, this is to identify the weaknesses of a roof then reinforce the roof by roofing contractors. This is to prevent any damages that could occur due to seasonal influence or bad weathers and natural phenomena. In the period of having a warranty, it is vital to undergo inspections as it will be documented in filing manner, which is very useful when one wants to file an insurance claim. This is because some of the companies out there refuse to be responsible for the roofs and state that the damages occurred, was because of pre-existing damages if there is no filing keeping track of the condition of the roof. However, if a file reporting the damages that had happened with before and after proofs, it can be proved wrong and the companies will take responsibility.

Apart from that, roofs can cost a fortune to overcome if a problem occurs. By inspecting it earlier, one can eliminate the chances of high payments as early detection is inexpensive rather than the cost for not consulting inspection and having to repair all damages that could occur in the future. Apart from that, roof inspections can tell you a lot about the problems faced by the roofs. To overcome such problems, professional technicians can take many measures to prevent unwanted situations from happening. In the other hand, it too increases health and longevity of one’s roof.

Contacting professionals

A desire will not stop a man from making actions, thus, if one have the thoughts to contact the Kool Kote Roofing to schedule an inspection, one can go to their website Best service is guaranteed as the company’s recruitments are of professional technicians working with quality tools and product, other than their knowledge on how to tackle roofing jobs. The roof jobs can be custom-tailored to your needs and they can come up with a maintenance plan suiting your roof’s needs.


How Can A Commercial Roofer Improve The Working At Your Restaurant


As a café owner, you must be aware that it is your service and ambiance which makes the restaurant more popular. Good food is served at all good cafés but it is the experience there which matters. So, you must be wondering how commercial roofing contractors can help you serve better at your restaurant. The roof of your dining space will create a good ambiance. Most importantly, it will keep all your worries about leakage, mold formation and roof inspection well handled. These ways you will be able to spend more time in focusing on a better customer service. If you have not yet hired a roofer, find one on the internet using the keyword Commercial Roofing Contractor Greeley CO. We shall talk more about the benefits of hiring a roofer further in this column.

  1. Good Ambiance

The roofs make your café look more aesthetic with a roof which is clean and well maintained. Commercial roofing contractors can provide you a wide range of commercial roofs like green roofs and roof coats which can make your roofing system look more beautiful and environment-friendly. The commercial roofers have a good experience in doing the roof inspection properly and can tell when it would need maintenance.

  1. Allows You To Give Better Service

When you do not have to worry about the things like leakage in the roof and the formation of molds in the deck, you will be able to concentrate on the service in a better way. If there are molds in the deck and there is also a leakage from some points, it will not just be bothering you but also the customers inside. This will take away the credit which you should be getting a great service. The molds in the deck can create a pungent smell, which can also make someone sick. Apart from this, the leaks will create a very bad experience for the customers. No one would like to have even good food when water is dripping. These two problems when are handled by professional roofers, you will not have to worry about a good customer experience at your restaurant.

  1. Saves Energy

Energy consumption can be reduced with the help of roof coats which can be really helpful in making the service, food, ambiance and overall look of your restaurant. The roof coats reflect the heat and UV rays of the sun. This keeps your building cooler and thus you do not have to use a lot of energy on the air conditioning. Any good commercial roofing company will be able to do the roof coats for you. These are not expensive to apply and can be repaired easily in a very less time.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Greeley CO And Kool Kote Roofing

If you are looking for a commercial roofer, you can contact the Kool Kote Roofing. Our services are available throughout Colorado. To know about Commercial Roofing Contractor Greeley CO or to contact us, call at 720-375-4682 or visit our home page

How Roof Coating Helps You and Your Building:


The most cost-saving option these days is the roof coating. Many owners of industries and commercial premises favor the options of roof coating on damaged and leaking roofs. It not only save costs rather it extends the life of the roof as well. In our environmental aware society, roof coatings add an insulating layer to the roof and provide energy efficiency.  This can reduce the heating and air-conditioning costs as well. Call Kool Kote Roofing at 720-375-4682 for roof coating Greeley CO.


The Benefits of Roof Coating:

Roof coatings are used for a variety of reasons. One of the benefits is extending the life of the roof. If you select the right type of roof coating, it can repair cracks and leaks in the roof. It has the ability to reduce the amount of contraction and expansion due to temperature variations in the future. This can cut the risk of future leaks and other damage. These coatings not only stop corroding the roof but also prevent it from occurring in the first place.


How Roof Coating Save Your Roof From Twin Sisters:

Unpredictable weather conditions can reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and waterproofing. The twin sisters of weather: Sunlight and Rain. Too much sunlight cause cracks and the too much rain seep into cracks and cause leaking. So the weather will take its toll on every roof and the effectiveness and protection that the roof provides.


Precautionary Measures on Concrete Roofs:

On the concrete roofs, you need to address the serious safety measure and concerns as soon as possible. These safety measures are not subjected to the employees but to the roofing contractor as well.  Any roof coating used on the concrete roof, need to take special care of since the fibers inside them can become loose. Preventing these issues before time can save you from the leaks and the repair cost. Fibroseal extends the life of an industrial concrete roof. It is cost effective and environmentally sound as it eradicates the need to remove the roof. It also disposes of the need to produce a new replacement roof with all the energy and transportation costs.


Roof Coating Does Not Affect Your Work:

Practically, Roof Coating Greeley CO also means that the compound does not have to be shut down. Since it is necessary for a roof to be removed and replaced which will have some extra cost benefit to the company. Coating the damaged or leaking industrial roofing of any type, including concrete roofs is the safest, cost effective, and ecologically sound way to prolong the life of your roof.

Kool Kote Roofing has been known for its reliable services and reputation. We guarantee a commitment to provide the finest workmanship with the best products. We have ENERGY STAR® certified Conklin® roofing systems. Therefore, whether you need a timely roof repair, expert commercial roof maintenance, a life adding roof restoration, or even an expert spray polyurethane foam roofing application, you can count on Kool Kote Roofing for the service and results you need. Call us today at 720-375-4682 for professional roof estimates.


Rubber Roof Repair Can Save Your Money And Roof At The Same Time!


Many commercial establishments have a rubber roof on the tops of the buildings. These are popular choices due to the slope generally found on these structures. Most of the roofs used for commercial construction are flat. The challenge with this choice is how to protect the building from water damage. Unlike sloping surfaces, a flat roof does not have the assistance of gravity to direct the water away from the surface. This is the main motivation for choosing rubber as a surface coating. Over time you will likely need to do some rubber roof repair to protect and extend the life of the surface. Eventually, all roofs will leak at some point. It is an unfortunate, yet indisputable fact. All roofing materials expand and contract on a periodic basis in response to heat and moisture. This requires materials that are flexible, yet durable. If you are in need of a rubber roof repair in Loveland Colorado, you will find Kool Kote Roofing who has made technological advances in the last few years offering many viable options.

Previous to these improvements, this type of roof was mopped with compounds to fill cracks and defects. The products and procedures were very costly and only offered temporary solutions. It was sort of a hit-and-miss technique, only used when there was a problem.

In the market of rubber roof repair today, you have the option of totally resurfacing the roof with materials and procedures. Comparatively the products made in the past and today’s products create the solid bond with the existing materials that will not cause future problems.

It will no longer take a professional effort to develop the surface. A primer is not required with most of the current products, neither time nor effort. All these advancements have improved the quality and lessened the long-term costs of preserving your commercial establishment.

Choosing an EPDM product is a future of rubber roof repairs. This is titled as an elastomeric product that will accommodate the flexibility and protection you require. This particular coating choice will also provide durability to the roof’s surface.


The reason it is excellent is its insulating properties. It will assist with lowering your heating and cooling expenses. Completely weatherproof, and when utilised correctly will last for many years without the need for repairs. There are professional companies who will tackle the large jobs. One of the best company in United State is who provide services in Loveland Colorado is Kool Kote Roofing. Allow Kool Kote Roofing the opportunity to provide your facility with tried, tested and true rubber roof repair services. Type Rubber Roof Repair Loveland Colorado on the Internet and take a look at our service portal. No matter the issue, it’s best to have it addressed before it becomes out of control.  We will help you solve your metal roof repair needs correctly with professionally trained technicians. To know more, call us on 720-375-4682 and get your free roof estimates.

How to Do Flat Roof Repair by Yourself?


flat-roof-repairIf planning to do flat roof repair, you need to be very careful, if your roof is flat. Most people are using flat roofs for decoration purposes these days and now have become a favored choice for many residential homes. To maintain the roof properly following these steps can help you understand the steps needed:

One should start removing the damaged area and replace it with a new section. This practice would be ideal for small damaged areas of the roof. The dirt and gravel accumulated from the damaged section of the roof should be cleaned. The gravel should not be thrown away since it can be used for repairs later. The damaged area can be dissected and kept aside using a straight edged utility knife.

After that, one need to put some effort for cutting a rectangular section of the roofing material. The first layer of material needs to be cut followed by other layers that are damaged.

From an asphalt shingle or roll roofing, you can cut out a replacement section of roofing material. The section dissected always depend on the size of the section you removed for repair. One need to be careful since the replacement piece should approximately be of the same size. Now the cutout area can be coated with some plastic roofing repair cement. One must ensure that the cement is over the edges of the cutout section. After applying the coating, nail the patch after setting it properly in place. The patch should be placed around the perimeter of the section and need to be spaced approximately 2 inches apart for the purpose of repair.


Procedure to follow during Flat roof repairs:


When the cement starts to set, sweeping the gravel onto the top of the patch helps to keep it in place. One should be very careful during this process since harsh winds can blow the patch away.

One need to try locating leaks by examining the lower lying areas of the flat roof. This area is the most vulnerable since water can ponder here and can create damage. Soaking water with the help of all absorbent materials and cloths. After drying, look for blisters or a crack in the roof. You can use a knife to open the blister that you had located. When following this process, one need to very careful using the knife. Since it can go deep and will cause more damage. Always let area become dry after draining the water from inside the blister. In the end, seal it tightly with roof cement to complete the flat roof repair.

Since doing flat roof repair is not an easy task, so asking a professional or a reliable company is always recommended. If you are looking for a reliable company who can provide you a team of experts to fix your roof. Type,Flat Roof Repair Loveland CO and you will find Kool Kote Roofing as the most reliable source available in the market.




Four Signs For Roof Replacement You Must Not Ignore


A roof when constructed for a property, it can surely last for more than 15 to 20 years. If you take good care of it, you might extend the life up to 25 years even. After the expected lifespan of your roof, you will start finding signs which mean your roof needs replacement. You must not ignore these signs because a roof with these signs can create many problems for the people living inside the family and this can also cause some diseases. If you are living in Loveland and your roof needs replacement, without any delay you should start looking for a roofing contractor. You will be able to find a good contractor on the internet. To refine your search you must use the keyword ‘Flat Roof Repair Loveland CO. The task of finding a roofing company should begin if you see these four signs.

1. Lifespan Expectancy

Every roof has an expected lifespan beyond which you cannot expect the roof to last. If you have maintained the roof well, you can expect your roof to last for 20 to 25 years. After that, you must think about replacing the roof. The reason for this is that in this long period of time your roof will form many diseases-causing molds, fungus, and mosses. To get rid of these things roof replacement is the only option left with you.

2. Curling Of Shingles

The curling of the shingles is another sign of roof replacement. The part of the roof exposed to maximum sunlight are the ones which will start curling after a certain period of time. If you can spot such areas and also see that gaps are formed there, it is time to call your roofing contractor. Even if you spend time and money on repairing these, the repair will not last for a long time. Ultimately you will have to look for roof replacement.

3. Shingles Missing From The Surface

When you see that there are shingles missing from the roof you must start considering roof replacement options. You will not find a contractor to repair few shingles and even if you see a single shingle missing, you must understand that it can lead to a number of major problems.

4. Flashings Near The Chimneys

The flashings near the chimneys are a sign of making the roof replacement a priority. This is the spot from where the water can enter into your roof deck and create a major damage. Ignoring this can even damage the other parts of the building, starting from the edges of the walls.

These four signs are a warning for roof replacement. Ignoring it can cause a major number of problems for you and your family. It is important that you must take advice from a roofing company if you are seeing such signs. To find the right roofing contractor you must ask your neighbors, friends, and colleagues. If they are not able to help you, a search with the keyword ‘flat roof repair Loveland, CO’ can be an effective way to find one.


Flat Roof Repair Loveland, CO

Kool Kote Roofing is on of the best roofing companies in Loveland. We have a team which can find the right solutions for any roof replacement or repair. We find solutions and implement them immediately to save your time. Call us today at (720) 375-4682 and our team will be there to for the best roofing service for you.

Detecting The Flat Roof Leak With Infrared Leak Detection


Flat roofs have various advantages, but you will also experience that the leaks are a regular issue with this kind of roofs. If you have a sloping roof, the water will drain down, and reduce the chances of leaks. We do not suggest that you should switch to sloping roofs. Sloping roofs do not give you the advantages which a flat roof has. It would be the best thing to know more about maintaining flat roofs.

For flat roof repair in Longmont Colorado,  you need to first understand where the leak is sourced from.

The old tradition was to make holes in the suspected area and then figure the leak. This can be a potential threat to your flat roof. More will be the holes, more will be the decrease in your roof’s life span. As the technology is enhancing, we have better ways to repair roofs without damaging it. One of the best ways to detect the source of the leak is to use infrared leak detection technology.

Flat Roof Repair In Longmont Colorado With The Help Of Infrared Leak Detection

If there is a leak in the roof, you mostly see it through the ceiling. You can find a patch of water on the ceiling which makes it relevant that the roof has a leak. You might think that putting a patch in that particular area will fix the leak, but it is not the solution.

If there is a leak and is visible on the ceiling, it is apparent that the water is soaked inside the deck. If you want your roof to be strong for a long time, it is important to remove the water from the complete area in the deck.

So, how can you find the effected area? There is a new technology which can detect the area where the water or moisture is present. This technology is known as the infrared leak detection. With this technology, you can find the exact area where water is present and you don’t have to dig any holes in the roof to find it.


This technology is very helpful for flat roof repairs in Flat Roof Repair Longmont Colorado. You can simply find the effected area and start working on it. the roof repair becomes an easy task with the infrared leak detection technology. You do not even have to worry about any accuracy-related troubles.

Flat Roof Repair In Longmont Colorado With Kool Kote Roofing

If you are looking for repairing your flat roof in Longmont and you think that the infrared leak detection technology is too expensive for you, you can always take help from Kool Kote Roofing. We have a team which has an experience of detecting the roof leaks with the naked eye. Since we have worked on many projects, no roof leak can be missed by us. You can reach us at (720) 375-4682. Our experienced team will be present there to take care of any kind of roof leak.